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Rugby League Live 2: Mini

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HEAPS OF FUN! The ultimate rugby experience! Tru Blu Entertainment and Wicked Witch Software present Rugby League Live 2: Mini Games. Designed for quick play and on-the-go fun! OFFICIAL NRL and Super League licensed product!
Offers three addictive mini games for triple the action and fun right from the start! Get ready for the on field action with a heap of Rugby League fun at your fingertips.
CONVERSION FLICK GAME Feel the excitement as you line up for that record breaking goal. The angle is sharp and the wind is high, have you got the strategy and skill to make the final conversion goals?
TRY ZONE SWIPE GAME Feel the adrenalin pump as you charge down the field, as opposition players chase, flank and tackle you head on in a desperate attempt to bring you down before the try line in this exciting, fast paced evasion game.
Test your passing skills as you attempt to pass the ball through a moving target. Do you have the accuracy and precision to get it through the bull’s-eye when the wind is high and the moving target quickens!?
MINIGAMES CONTAIN MULTIPLE GAME MODES: -- Competition – Kick conversions or attempt to put the ball down in the try zone: 3 strikes and you’re out! -- Endurance – You are given more chances: 5 strikes and you’re out! -- Last Chance – The ideal mode for a challenge: In this mode there are no second chances. -- Count Down - A race against the clock: Get the most conversions or tries in the 2 minutes available. -- Bonus Time – A fast paced mode of precision: You don’t have much time in this mode, but scoring will grab you bonus seconds. So you will want to be quick.
FULL 3D! Features full 3D stadium, goals, ball and player animations that create impressive and realistic visuals. Combined with stylish camera transitions and smooth effects you will be catapulted right into the action!
FEATURES --Multiple mini game modes: --Conversion Flick Game --Try Zone Swipe Game --Perfect Pass Flick Game--Setup players to wear official NRL or Super League Jersey's.--Easy to learn, difficult to master, incredibly addictive! --Life like animation --Realistic ball physics --True to life 3D stadium --An incredibly realistic rugby league experience with quality graphics & sound. --Practice and develop your kicking technique, with dynamic wind conditions. --Dynamic camera angles in Try Zone swipe mode.--Intuitive touch controls --Increasing levels of difficulty --Saved high scores --Online leaderboard – flaunt your achievements and see how you rank against players from across the world --Facebook integration – compete with your friends to get the highest score and post brags to your wall
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